New member information

New member information


Important information including upcoming meets are posted on the groups Facebook (FB) page.  Please join the FB group or let the team manager know if you do not use FB and would like information to be emailed.




The cost per term is $130, the swimmer can attend any session and as many sessions as they like (see below session timetable).  It is preferable to attend at least 3 per week if possible.  Speak with the coach further to develop a plan that fits with the swimmer. 

There is a SNZ/Swim Otago annual fee of either $39 for a club swimmer (club members can compete at Otago Regional Championship level and below, including School Championship) or $77.50 for a competitive swimmer (competitive members can compete at all competition levels). This needs to be paid before the swimmer can attend Swim NZ/ Swim Otago sanctioned swim meets (each meet flyer will state the entry requirements). 

Upon completing the Swimmers Information below you will be sent details for the swimmers Fast Lane, this is how you enter meets.

Invoices will be emailed each term and the affiliation fee is annual unless you come in after the annual rollover date and will need to be covered then.  If you have any issues with payment or need to change your contact details, please contact the Treasurer directly.

Swimmer can choose any of the following sessions:

  • Monday 6:00-7:30pm
  • Tuesday 6:00-7:30am
  • Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm
  • Thursday 6:00-7:30am
  • Friday 3:30-5:00pm

Times and sessions are revised each term.  Changes will be posted on the group FB page.

Meet expectations:

As we are a competitive squad, swimmers are expected to attend at least 3 local meets throughout the competitive season (September – March) Queenstown, Cromwell, Wanaka and our own meet Waitangi weekend (Alexandra).

Speak with the coach further to determine what is best for your swimmer. 

Club uniform:

Caps, sweatshirts, and tee-shirts are available for purchase.  Swimmers are encouraged to wear club uniform when attending meets.  Contact the Uniform Co-ordinator for further information. 


The committee meets once a month at the pool from 6:45-7:30, we welcome new members. 

President:  Nigel Ellett.

Treasurer: Donna Munro,

Swim NZ Database Coordinator: Donna Munro,

Secretary: Sara Boreham,

Team Manager:  Bronwyn Rees,

Coach:  Shane Allan,

Uniform Coordinator: Donna Munro,

You and your swimmer will need to work closely with the coach, please feel free to discuss with them any issues or individual requirements.

If you need any assistance or have any further questions, please address any of the committee named above who will be only too happy to help. 

Committee November 25th 2018

Committee: The committee meets once a month at the pool from 6:45-7:30, we welcome new members. ...


Uniforms November 25th 2018

The clubs uniform consists or the following: ·         Caps ·         ...